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"Livin’ in Ladera Heights, the black Beverly Hills." EST. June 29th, 2013 Officially opening July 3rd Body count Girls to boys ratio: 9/3 FEMALE BAN.

Jordyn King // 24 // The Talent-less One // Socialite // FC: Ashley King

“Tell us about your upbringing, Jordyn.”

“I’m from Tampa, Florida. Go Dolphins!” She giggled softly and resumed speaking, “I went to high school in Tampa, but attended college in Miami. Throughout high school, a lot of girls were jealous of me. There were a lot of rumors about me roaming around the school. It was a rarity for me to get through half the school day without hearing something new about myself. I’ve always been a really sensitive girl so to hear people falsely accusing me of doing things I knew for a fact that I didn’t do, broke my heart. I use to go home and cry to myself in my room. I stuck through it though. It made me build up a bit of a tougher skin. Now I could care less what anyone has to say about me.” The fake smile plastered across her face could have fooled anybody.

“You mentioned earlier that you attended college?”

“Yes, I went to college for four years. But I left two weeks before getting my degree. I can’t really tell you why. I just did. But during those four years, I cheered for the Gators. That later led to me cheering for the Dolphins. I wouldn’t call myself a professional cheerleader though. It was just something to pass the time. I’d go back to it if I could though.”

“What’s the deal with you and Andraya Woods?”

“I don’t know what her problem is. We were friends for a really long period of time. I opened so many doors for her career. And one day she just stopped returning my phone calls and texts. I saw her at a party about three months after she stopped communicating with me. She was dogging me the whole night, but I got to her. I asked her what her deal was and she simply stated, ‘My problem is you Jordyn. You’re a hoe and I don’t associate with your kind.’ served with a side of ‘get the fuck out my face.’ It felt like high school all over again.”



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